Pastor's Column

    I ask you to keep Carol, Helen & David in your prayers. They all recently received the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick where we promise them the support of the Church in their illness so please help us keep our pledge. 

    This weekend you will hear a brief message from our Principal, Sister Erin Zubul, OSU (OSU does not stand for Ohio State University but Order of St. Ursula as Sister Erin is an Ursuline Nun). Sister will give us an update on the many projects which have taken place this summer in and around the school building which we believe has a very big impact on our greatly increased enrollment for this school year, which begins in just a couple of weeks. Our maintenance crew has done a fantastic job the last couple months not only in the school but in all of our buildings and on our property. Many thanks to them for their hard work and long hours. 

    We are currently having some sidewalks replaced as they have become a real hazard due to their cracks & disintegration. The sidewalk leading into the side door of the school off of the parking lot will be ramped for easier wheelchair access. And many sections of our curbs which have been fragmented into many pieces through natural wear & tear as well as through snow plows will be replaced in order to increase our "curb appeal." We had to trim several trees and even remove some that are dying though we plan to replace these next summer. 

    While we hate to see the summer months (even very hot ones) pass by so quickly, we do have our Parish Picnic to look forward to which will be next Sunday, August 14th at 1pm. Please join us for the traditional picnic fare (hamburgers, hot dogs & "accessories") and for some music and relaxing conversation with fellow parishioners. I will be bringing my own hot dog as I presume it will be another warm day and Michaela loves to see you all. 

    We also have the Parish Festival to look forward to October 14th & 15th. To make it a financial success as well as a fun community event, I ask that you pick up your raffle tickets in the vestibule of the church & to do your best in selling them. This is our one main fundraiser, supported by our Sweepstakes Raffle & Gift Card purchases. All of these help us to balance our budget and allow us to provide many services to the people of the parish. Thank you in advance for your willingness & support. 

    Did you know that our parish bulletin is archived on our website ( & in our mobile app? You can also have the bulletin emailed to you every week. Let the rectory receptionist at our Information Desk help you to keep up with our news when you're not able to be here.