Pastor's Column

     This weekend we will try out our new Information Desk in the vestibule of the church. After all the Masses this weekend, you can go there to ask questions, schedule Mass intentions, buy gift cards or Sweepstakes tickets, or pick up a sponsor certificate. We also hope to have a TV monitor available which can show you where you can get information from our website or mobile app. Please let us know what other kinds of information or forms you might find helpful for us to have available to you. Sorry, but we do not take orders for McDonalds.

    We welcome Carmyne Bajusz into our Catholic family as he is baptized this weekend. Blessings on him and his family.

    It's time for another holiday! But before you watch the fireworks, come join us for Mass on Monday morning at 9am to thank God for the blessings of our freedom & to pray that we may use that freedom responsibly. 

    This upcoming Saturday, July 9th, is my dad's 89th birthday so we're so happy that his second chemo treatment went well & that he continues to do so well despite a challenging year for his health. He and my mom were engaged on July 4th by the dad proposed to her at the ballpark! What a romantic. He asked her if she wanted to be a June bride & without hesitation she said, "No I want to be a May bride!" It seems she may have been expecting him to pop the question. Thanks again for your prayers for him. Say one for my mom in heaven too who we trust enjoys the fullness of freedom in God's presence. 

    Our maintenance crew expands during the summer months so that we can take care of the additional summer tasks of lawn care and school cleaning. We will have two or three sections of the parking lot repaired this summer and will be adding additional handicapped parking spaces on the rectory side of the church parking lot. We are also repairing some sidewalks that have become a safety hazard and will install new curbs as so many are deteriorated and look bad. I'll fill you in on some of the inside work we're doing next week. 

    You may have heard on the news that a priest was accosted in the confessional by a man with a gun. What a scary world we live in. I think it is wise to hear confessions in an open area of the church until we hear that this man has been apprehended. So please pray for the safety of all priests and all people who stand in harms way due to the violent society we live in. As we sing, let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.