A priest said that checkers can help us to be better disciples and to learn how to take up our cross every day. There are 3 simple rules to checkers: 1) you cannot make two moves at once; 2) you must move forward, not backward; 3) aim for the last row so you can move in any direction. The first rule has to do with focus: there are many things we need to do in a given day. Which is most important? Make that move. If you try to do too much at one time, you go in too many directions & then lose your focus. 

The second rule has to do with forgiveness: move forward, not backward. We all make a lot of mistakes every day. Don't let these keep you from moving forward or to take you backward. Forgiveness of self leads to forgiveness of others. Guilt, regret & grudges keep us from moving forward. They are crosses we do not need. 

Final rule: aim for the last row so you can move in any direction. This is about compassion. We get compassion by remembering our own struggles & sufferings, then realizing that others have these too. Go to the last row (or "the last seat" as Jesus says). Look for humility. These are three rules of living that my dad seems to practice well in his life. I hope you can find a father figure with exemplifies them well for you too.