Pastor's Column

    We welcome Amelia Rose Lee who is being baptized this Sunday. We pray that she may be raised in the practice of the Faith so that she may learn to love the God who loves her. 

    We celebrated the Mass of Christian Burial this past Wednesday for Rich Bunosky, a long-time and active member of the parish along with his wife Eva of 57 years. Rich has been battling cancer for quite some time and Eva has been an incredible caregiver for him. She took care of him at home for as long as was possible and then sat with him for many hours at Holy Family Hospice Center since the beginning of February. His children (Debbie, Mike, Mark & Chris) were often there to sit with her and to spend time with their dad. Rich was a gentle soul who shared a deep faith along with Eva. Out of that faith came generous service to the parish of St. Leo's over the years. May he rest in God's peace along with all the faithful departed members of our parish. 

    This Monday we will have a Memorial Day Mass at 9am to remember all those who have died in service to our country. We remember them, we honor them, we thank God for their sacrifice, and we pray for them as we commend them all to God's care. God bless them and God bless America. 

    I also ask your prayers for my dad. He will be 89 this July and had been doing pretty well health-wise until earlier this year when he started showing signs of weakness. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (and has had cardiac problems for several years). But lately he has been so weak he needed to be hospitalized & they seem to believe there is something else very serious going on. I may know more by the time you read this but I just ask for your prayers. His wife of 10 years (as of this June 10th) is 96 and is doing quite well health-wise but of course is very concerned about my dad. Please remember them in your prayers. They are both people of great faith and love. 

    Thanks again for your contributions to our Catholic Charities Appeals in February and this past weekend. How good it is to know that we can do something for the people who need our help. I have learned that generosity is born of gratitude. I pray that God may continue to bless you as you bless your brothers & sisters in Christ through charity and prayer. 

    Again congratulations to the 8th graders of our parish school who are graduating this Saturday after the 4pm Mass, and to all of our school children whose last day of school will be this Friday, June 3rd. We pray they have a safe and enjoyable summer.