Homily Thoughts...Disabilities are a Mystery

Every Sunday after the homily, we stand to profess our Catholic Faith through the Creed. We express our belief in One God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit. But the Holy Trinity remains a mystery to us. 

A priest I know put it this way: "The Trinity is not a puzzle. It is a mystery. And those are two very different things. A puzzle has an answer. It is something that you try to figure out, something that you attempt to understand. A mystery has no answer. You cannot understand it because it is greater than you are, something beyond your grasp. You cannot comprehend a mystery, but you can appreciate it. Like a great piece of music it takes you deeper. You cannot solve a mystery, but you can stand before it and allow it to lead you to contemplation. Like beholding a beautiful sunset, it can move your soul."

It is puzzling to understand why some children are born with developmental disabilities. But we can be a part of the mystery of God's love that reaches out to help them. This weekend we will have our 2nd In-Pew Appeal for Catholic Charities. What we donate will be matched to build 7 homes (not institutions) where these children & young adults can live and grow. Be a part of the mystery. May it take us deeper into the life of God's children.