Pastor's Column

     Thanks to all who brought candy, eggs, bread, or any other food to Fr. Vesely & I to enjoy over the Easter holiday. It was like having a visit from the Easter Bunny, whom I have missed over the last 45 years. Well, I never actually met the Easter Bunny but I do remember benefitting from the baskets he would hide for the 5 of us children. We must have had over 30 baskets (seriously!) and we lived in a small bungalow so I have no idea how all of those baskets were hidden from us. As the song says, "they were lost and have been found." But my point is, thanks for helping us relive our childhood and for not making Fr. Vesely go looking for hidden baskets all over the rectory. 

    In last weekend's bulletin I thanked those who decorated the church for Easter & those who participated in the music ministry during Holy Week. I want to mention them both again because the church really looks beautiful with all the Easter lilies & flowers of various colors, and the music ministry did such a great job during all of our Holy Week Services, and I know how hard and long they practiced. So thanks again to Mickey Stitt, the choir, and to those who helped our liturgies to be beautiful both in sight as well as in song. And we're always grateful too for the help of our faithful ushers, altar servers, Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. To all of them and to all of you for your generous contributions at Eastertime, my sincere thanks. 

    We celebrate at this time of year especially the hope and promise of resurrection from the dead for all those who have gone before us to the other side of life. We pray for Mabel Witty whose Funeral Service took place this past Friday evening, that she may join the Communion of Saints. 

    This week I will be attending a workshop at the seminary in Wickliffe which will review some of the new procedures for those who wish to apply for an annulment. Recently our Bishop made it easier for people in our Diocese to petition for an annulment by dispensing of all fees, making it absolutely free to submit a petition. And Pope Francis also made it easier by shortening the time it takes for an annulment to process. Please know that if you would like to pursue an annulment or even just talk about the process, I am very happy to help you. As they say in England, just give me a ring on the telly.