Pastor's Column

For the last few months, we have been advertising for an Associate Musician on the Diocesan website. Our former Music Director had requested that he split his time (and pay) with an Associate Musician who could play at a couple of Masses each weekend and help with the weddings and many funerals we have here each year. That is when Micky Stitt joined us, but then eventually became Music Director herself. So we needed someone to replace her former position. So this weekend a talented musician named Julie Slattery will join our Music Ministry. She and Mickey will be working together but both in part time positions, though Mickey will continue on as the Music Director. Julie is originally from St. John Vianney Parish in Mentor, where I had been assigned back in the early 90's. I remember her being involved in the music ministry even back then & so was anxious to hear her audition for us. She plays the organ, piano, guitar and drums. She also has a beautiful voice so will effectively be an additional cantor for us as well. She and Mickey will be splitting the 4 Masses each weekend on a rotating basis and both of them will work together with the choir from the beginning of September through the end of May. They will both practice with the choir during the week & then twice a month will work together with the choir at the 10am Sunday Mass, with one playing the organ and/or piano while the other is directing the choir. So I look forward to this final phase of our developing music ministry and ask that you consider joining the choir if you feel (along with others) that God has gifted you with a singing voice. Regardless of whether or not we have that gift (as I do not), we should all be singing (or at least faking it!) in our worship of God, especially at Mass. As St. Augustine is often quoted, "to sing well is to pray twice." We pray in words and in song, in silence and in music, in body and in spirit. We use our whole selves to praise the God who made our whole self, body, mind & spirit. I have believed for a long time that the two most important elements of good liturgy are music and preaching. I have to always work on the latter, but we can all work on providing good music by lifting up our hearts in song. 

    Our present website ( and our free mobile app for Android and iPhones, have been incredibly useful to those seeking information about our parish. Hundreds of people make use of them each month. Our website is always growing and evolving. Our mobile app has recently been refreshed & updated as well. Remember to check them out.