Pastor's Column

     This past Friday we had the Mass of Christian Burial for Helen Salmon who has been living with her niece Susan and her husband in Rocky River. Helen had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few months ago. She had a delightful disposition though and was so grateful to her niece & nephew for welcoming her into their home during the last few months of this terminal illness. May she rest now in God's peace & pray for those who took such loving care of her.

    We have one more Fish Fry to go before we enter into Holy Week so if you have not yet had the opportunity to join us for a really good meal & the chance to see parishioners & visitors, you have one more chance this Friday. But before then, be sure to have your fill of meat by enjoying a good corned beef sandwich on St. Patrick's Day. To me, a corned beef sandwich needs to be accompanied by a bowl of matzo ball soup. It just goes together like peanut butter & jelly, pizza & cheese, and cereal with milk. I better quit thinking about all this food because it's only 9:30 in the morning as I type this & I'm getting very hungry. But one more meal to mention: on Palm Sunday (next Sunday), we will have our annual Pancake Breakfast, also in Lux Hall, from 9am until Noon. Now I have to move on as I'm ready for an early lunch...

    As you recall, Michaela made a surprise guest appearance at the Confirmation Mass last year with Bishop Lennon. So I wasn't going to let her embarrass me again this year with Bishop Gries as our Confirming Bishop last Saturday. I learned my lesson. So I put her in the Rectory Office and closed the door leading into the rectory and gave strict orders to our lovely receptionist Brianne that she not be permitted to leave that space. So who comes walking into the Rectory Office instead of going directly to the church? Bishop Gries! And right on cue, Michaela started barking & jumping up on him as is her job to protect us from all enemies, foreign & domestic. At first the Bishop was confused as he is use to walking in & seeing Fr. Russ Lowe's 4-foot high Irish Wolfhound named Napoleon. He heard the barking but didn't see where it was coming from until he looked down to see little 1-foot high Michaela jumping up & down on his legs. I just can't win. Gratefully Bishop Gries is very gracious & laughed at Michaela's dutiful but high-pitched barking. Maybe next year Michaela & I will just leave town during Confirmation before I get thrown out of town or at least out of my parish.