Pastor's Column

     My thanks to all those who participated in our Pictorial Directory by having their picture taken during the last couple of weeks. I look forward to getting to know more names to match the familiar faces I see each week. If your picture isn't in the book & I don't already know your name, then you'll have to get used to me saying "Hey you" when trying to get your attention. When I don't know the name of a child, I say to the boys "Hey buddy" & to the girls "Hi sweetheart." Of course everyone knows Michaela's name due to her cuteness & popularity, and if they don't know mine, they can still pretend by just saying "What's up Father?" Regardless of whether we know each other's name, it's comforting to remember during this Lenten Time that God knows & calls everyone by name. Let us in turn call on his Name to save us from our sins. 

    You can also call on the name of God as you pray for your fellow parishioners, especially Marie Masters whom I spoke to this past week when she shared with me the sad news of being diagnosed with cancer. As the President of our Senior's group, I know that she will have their ongoing prayers & support but we all offer her the same. We also continue to pray for Jan Papez, Rosemary Hamski, Linda Coffman, and all those who face cancer and other illnesses especially Carol, Dennis, Helen, Dorothy, Jack, Doris, Walter, Daniel & Leonard. I also ask you to remember Rich Bunosky who went into the Holy Family Hospice Center this past week so that he may receive special care. For these and for those I have failed to mention, we pray that God may provide strength & peace.

    I failed last weekend to include a reminder about our Fish Fry that began the Friday after Ash Wednesday. It's a rare day when I fail to remember an upcoming meal, especially one as good as our annual Fish Fry. Hopefully you remembered to come anyway & perhaps you were reminded by the large billboard you can see on the left as you go north on Broadview Road over the bridge. That billboard allowed us to advertise Catholic Schools Week in addition to our Fish Fry. Thanks to all the people who volunteer a lot of time to provide these meals to us, I look forward to the opportunity to spend time with you in a social setting as we enjoy a great meal together. You are welcome to join us for the Stations of the Cross in the church at 7pm on Fridays...a perfect way to end the evening after enjoying a meal with your family, friends or fellow parishioners.