Pastor's Column

     Our sympathies go out to Jeff & Monika Madej who lost their daughter Lyndsey in a premature birth. Whether a person has lived many years or only a few short months, grief can bring such sadness and pain at their loss. We trust that Lyndsey now rests in the loving arms of her heavenly Father.

    I also had a funeral Mass for Doris Leisman who was originally from Corpus Christi but has been a member of St. Leo's for several years. She was a member of our St. Leo Seniors and was someone who reached out to others to bring them the happiness that she herself felt. May she rest in peace.

    Finally we celebrated the Mass of Christian Burial for Jerome Voldrich. Jerry struggled with diabetes which caused him to be in a car accident a couple years ago. He dealt with the challenges of life and a blessing to those who knew him. All three of these funerals were celebrated during the week when we honor all the Saints and when we pray for all the faithful departed. May our prayers be with each of them that they may recieve the Mercy of God. 

    In last week's bulletin I congratulated the Indians on what I hoped would be a World Series Win. But it was not in the cards...or should I say, the bats. And as I write this on Tuesday, November 8th, I will not dare venture to make a guess on who will win the presidency. But no matter the outcome, we all pray for God's blessing on all of our civil leaders that they may be people of justice and peace. 

    I should have put this in last week's bulletin but I don't always look ahead...we wish a very Happy (Belated) Birthday to Father Vesely who turned 8__ on Tuesday, November 8th. I left a blank there because I don't think it's my right to give away someone's age. But 8n't it great that someone would turn 8__ on the eighth? 

    I also want to acknowledge the feast of our patron, St. Leo the Great, which was on November 10th. We congratulate the winner of $1000 from our Sweepstakes Raffle though I don't know yet who that lucky person is as I am writing this on November 8th (boy that number comes up a lot!). When I was in Rome, I celebrated Mass next to the altar of St. Leo the Great which is also where his remains are kept inside of St. Peter's Basilica. Of course I prayed for the parish while doing so. St. Leo the Great, pray for us.