Homily...Perseverence is the Answer

3 years ago, when we last heard today's scripture readings, I was announcing to the people of my former parish that I would be leaving them to become Pastor at St. Leo the Great. I had mixed emotions about that. I looked forward to being at St. Leo's, but knew it would be hard to leave the people I got to know and care about for almost 5 years. 

Six years before that, again when we heard these same scripture readings (they run on a three year cycle), I was telling the people of the parish I was assigned to at that time that the parish would be closing. Again, we shared feelings of anger, uncertainty, and fear. 

But as I look back on these and many other such experiences when change was imminent, I recognize now that I was able to persevere and so found many blessings during difficult times. When Jesus spoke of the fearful future to his people, he invited them to work on the virtue of perseverance. He said it would secure their lives. In my experience, it does just that. We find security if we stay the course, trust in God and put one foot in front of the other. We see the "sun of justice rise with its healing rays."