Pastor's Column

     I have arrived home safely and feel sufficiently rejuvenated for the months ahead. I’ve always enjoyed the fall season and it’s good to have our children back in school. 

    While I was away, Fr. Vesely celebrated a Mass of Christian Burial for Leonard Lucas and a visiting priest had the funeral for Kellie Roda, the daughter of parishioners Bob & Rose Zarko. This past week I had a Memorial Mass for Emil Wojnarowsky who has been at Broadview Multicare for some time. I’m grateful to Ron Kollar and all of our Eucharistic Ministers who bring Holy Communion to the sick and homebound so faithfully. Emil would have turned 89 on the day of his Memorial Mass. But we celebrated his new birth into the life of heaven as we gave thanks for his almost 89 years here on earth. Please remember all these deceased and their loved ones in your prayers. 

    We welcome Aizen Montalvo into the Catholic Faith as he is baptized this Sunday. God bless him and his parents on this joyful occasion. 

    This weekend you will have the opportunity to sign up to participate in an ARISE group. This is our third “season” and the beginning of our second year (groups meet in the fall and in the spring). I received a letter a few months ago from Chris Rath, who has been a group leader and a member of the ARISE team. She spoke of one member of the group who had an ongoing situation in her family that needed to be resolved. She was able to receive the prayerful support of the group. Another member who has some Jewish relatives brought in pebbles she got when she visited the concentration camp in Auschwitz. The group appreciated what she helped bring to their attention. The group decided to make a donation to provide a pump or water jars for a third world village to receive clean water. Several people in the group made a retreat on Palm Sunday in preparation for Holy Week. Chris said that “we have grown as a community. Everyone has been very willing & eager to take part in the weekly meetings. This has been a wonderful, growth-filled experience.” Each person in every group is welcomed to participate to whatever degree they feel comfortable. I have heard so many positive comments & have seen such wonderful blessings flow forth from these gatherings. If you haven’t yet allowed such an experience to help you grow in faith and to feel the support of your fellow parishioners, now is the time to sign up for a group. Previous participation in a group is not required. Let yourself be blessed as so many parishioners have & allow the Lord to strengthen your faith.