Homily...Freedom from Religion

As I watched the Republican Presidential Debates on CNN this past week, I saw a commercial several times from an organization called the "Freedom from Religion Foundation." The man said he was an "unabashed atheist" who believes that religion has intruded into our secular government. He ended by saying his name & then declaring that "I am not afraid of burning in hell." It seemed to imply that people of faith adhere to their religious beliefs out of fear. 

Jesus did remind us and warn us that there are consequences to our choices. God is worthy of our respect and awe. But fear does not motivate us in faith. The love of God for us and our love for God inspires our faith. 

In the Psalm we sang, it said that some to do not have God before their eyes. But we do and so feel his help and are sustained by his grace. That is the reason for my faith. Is it the reason for yours?