Homily...Depressed? God will send an Angel

None of the statues in our church have bodies or faces that express emotion. They all look rather stoic. I have seen statues that DO express great emotion, like the one of St. Theresa in Rome who is portrayed in a state of ecstasy, or the status of Mary & Christ in Mexico that display their great sorrow and agony. 

If someone were to create a statue of Elijah the prophet from the Old Testament story today, they would show him sitting under a tree with a look of depression & even despair on his face. A queen by the name of Jezebel was after him, seeking to take his life. So he sits under a tree & shows classic signs of depression: he slept, he had low self-esteem (“I am no better than my fathers”), and he literally prayed for death (despair). 

God sent him an angel to feed him & encourage him to get up & move on with life. And he did. We all suffer from depression from time to time. But God sends us messengers to help us get on with life. Whom has he sent to you? Is God calling you to be an angel, a messenger to another to help them in their depression?