Pastor's Column

     Last week I made mention of a priest named Father Robert Barron who produces excellent videos on Catholicism and is known for his use of technology to spread the faith. I just learned that he was just named Auxiliary Bishop of the Los Angeles Archdiocese by Pope Francis. That is a wonderful confirmation of his giftedness to the Church which will be used in an even greater way now in the most populous diocese in the United States. All the more reason for you to join us in September to view & discuss his tremendously informative videos. 

    For a few weeks you will notice a blurb in this bulletin and on our website concerning RCIA…the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. This is the world-wide process for initiating adults into the Catholic Faith. It is for those who have never been baptized, or were baptized in another denomination but wish to convert to Catholicism, or for those who were baptized Catholic but did not receive the other sacraments of initiation (eucharist and confirmation). This year we are going to be having our weekly one-hour gatherings on Sunday mornings from 9 until 10am. Then the candidates can join us for the 10am Mass. We will also invite to just 6 of these sessions those who have been baptized Catholic and who receive the Eucharist but who, for whatever reason, were never confirmed. All parishioners will be welcomed to attend these informal but informative sessions which cover the various topics of our Catholic Faith (to be published weekly in the bulletin). Now please know that the way we normally have people desire to become Catholic is NOT through the invitation of a priest, but from the invitations that come from YOU, the Catholic faithful. Do you know someone who might consider becoming Catholic? Do you know someone who has not yet been confirmed? Then do what Jesus commands us to do and simply invite them to join you for Mass or ask them if it would be OK if you gave us their name so that we can reach out to them. This is our most important work: to proclaim the Gospel & baptize. This is not just the work of priests but of all of us who are members of the Church. They will either say, “Yes, I’d like more information about that” or “No, but thank you for asking.” But we must ask. We must invite. 

    Good news: it’s Donut Sunday! And more specifically, it’s Jack Frost Donut Sunday! The donuts are FREE to anyone who asks someone to become Catholic. OK, they’re free for everyone, but if you ask someone to become Catholic, you get two for free! Don’t pass up that deal.