Like many people these days, I eat out often. And at the end of the meal, the server always asks the question: “Would you like a doggie bag for the leftovers?” Even though the leftovers are meant for human consumption, many of us pet owners bring a little something home for our 4-legged friends. There’s a reason why it’s called a doggie bag. But the point is, due to the large portions of food we are regularly served in restaurants, there are often times leftovers for us to take home.

There must be some spiritual meaning behind leftovers since the first reading & Gospel for this weekend both mention how Elisha the prophet & Jesus, after feeding many people, both had leftovers that were gathered up. Even when we celebrate the Eucharist, we have leftover consecrated hosts that are placed in the tabernacle so that the sick may receive Holy Communion during the week and so that we might have the sacred Eucharist presence of Christ in the church. But perhaps there’s something more to the idea of leftovers…

Every week we come to Mass to be fed, to be spiritually nourished by the Word of God & the presence of Christ in the Body & Blood we receive. But is this the only spiritual nourishment we receive during the week? Is this our only time for prayer? Is is the only time we listen to or read the Scripture? Is it the only time when we make a conscious effort to be aware of God’s presence? Is it the only time we connect with fellow parishioners in the community of faith? Is it the only time we give to our parish? God wants to feed us not only on Sunday but throughout the week. Do we remember to take the leftovers home?