Pastor's Column

     Those who were at the 10am or Noon Mass last weekend already heard this, but we have been working hard this summer to reorganize & clean out our parish buildings. We had a local company collect our junk (broken desks, computers that don’t turn on, and many other things we just can’t use any more). You’ve probably seen their signs around: 1-800-GOT-JUNK?” and we highly recommend them. They donate & recycle whatever they can which is a big plus. Over the years, our basements, attacks & closets get filled with the things we just can’t or don’t use any more. We were able to clear out 5 classrooms on the downstairs level of our school building & this will allow more space for our music department, tutoring, etc. We also cleaned out the basements of the rectory, church & parish community center which were pretty cluttered with all sorts of stuff. I know that “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure” & I spoke this past weekend of my dad’s “treasure” which I consider to be a lot of junk! But I prayed for the wisdom to know the difference between the two & I’m glad we were able to get it all cleaned up. I also have some good news to share about Lux Hall but that will have to wait until next month.

    There is a priest named Father Robert Barron who has been producing excellent videos on various topics of Catholicism. He travelled across the world to different churches & holy places to speak about their influence on Catholicism over the centuries. If you want to learn more about the beauty & richness of the Catholic faith, this is a great way to do it. In September, we’ll take about 6 or 8 weeks to view the videos…they last only about 45 minutes each. So if you can spare one hour a week, I’m sure you’d find them as interesting & beneficial as I have. More on that next month too. 

    Michaela made it through her surgical procedure just fine. I have to put drops in her eyes several times a day but she handles that pretty well. She still looks like a raccoon but hopefully that will be resolved soon. Speaking of which, I can look out of my living room window on the 2nd floor of the rectory & see the roof of the garage…and what did I see there last week? A raccoon! It was staring at us (Michaela, Abby & I) & we all stared back until it ran off. Maybe it thought Michaela was a relative. Or maybe it was looking for the Jack Frost donuts or Honeyhut ice-cream I bring to my room. Raccoons must be stupid animals if they really think we’re going to share our desserts with them.