Pastor's Column

     Thanks to Judy Kucia & Mary Riccardi for their willingness to become Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. They will be commissioned at the 8am Mass this weekend. We appreciate all of our liturgical ministers…lector’s, EM’s, altar servers, ushers, cantors, choir members, Mass coordinators and musicians. Everyone (including each member of the assembly) have a role to play in our worship of God. Let us praise him well!

    Allicea Bolanos will be baptized Sunday after the Noon Mass. We welcome her and pledge our prayerful support and example to her parents along with her godparents. 

    As you probably heard, Pope Francis recently released an Encyclical (a pastoral letter) called (in Latin) “Laudato Si” which means “Praise be to you, my Lord,” quoting from a canticle written by St. Francis of Assisi, known for his love of creation. In this letter, the Holy Father urges all people in the world to work toward taking better care of the gift of this earth that God has given us to live on, for we are experiencing some of the devastating effects of our neglect & abuse. It’s a very long document & I’m sure many are not able to read it in its entirety. So in the next few months, I will print small snippets of it here in the bulletin as it contains much wisdom & a call for action on the part of us all. Of course if you’d like to read more of it, you can find it on online at the Vatican website as well as in many other places. We must all do our part in being good stewards of the gift of this earth to us. 

    In an effort to stress the connection between our parish and our school, we are revising our logo which contains the iconic sloped roof of our church, and the blue & gold colors that have been part of our school for many years. You will see this logo used on all of our communication tools, for example, on the parish bulletin, the website & the letterhead used by the parish and the school. Sister Erin, our new Principal, will also be working very hard to highlight the school as an important part of our parish identity. If you attended our school and haven’t yet joined our new Alumni Association, please do so as we celebrate the influence of those years on the lives of former students. Sister Erin will be introducing herself to the parish next month and we are amazed at her energy and focus as she prepares to lead the school into the future. I’m anxious for you all to meet her and to welcome her. You will soon see the fruits of her hard work and her gifts.