Homily...GOT JUNK?

There are people who like to save & there are people who like to throw away. I am the kind of person who likes to throw away. This past week, the parish hired a small company in the area who advertises on signs put out on lawns: 1-800-GOT-JUNK? They brought their strong men & their trucks & they hauled away years worth of junk. It not only unclutters the parish but also the mind.

I think Jesus would have sided with me. Though we say that “Jesus Saves,” I don’t think that means he liked to accumulate things! Just the opposite was true for him. He lead an uncluttered life. And he invited his disciples to do the same: “Take nothing for the journey except a walking stick & sandals. Take no extra food, money or tunics. God will provide.”

We all know how expensive baggage fees have become when we travel by plane. So many have chosen to  fly light. The Lord invites us all to let go of the junk that clutters our minds & hearts. He tells us to travel light, to get rid of the baggage of resentments, anger, discouragement, guilt and fear. He wants our journey of life & faith to be as light-weight as possible. Got junk? Get ride of it.