Pastor's Column

     Last Sunday, one of our former pastors, Fr. Ned Weist, was willing to celebrate the Noon Mass as requested by Rich & Shirley Ferraro who were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary (congratulations to them!). But when approaching the presider’s chair, he tripped & hit his head. 911 was called & they took him to Metro to make sure he was OK as I finished the Mass. Gratefully, he called Monday morning to let us know he had no serious injury. I thought it was a good time to let people know at that Mass that a few weeks ago I had ordered railings to be installed in the sanctuary area. Of course at the time I was thinking mostly of Father Vesely & some of our liturgical ministers who could also use the assistance of railings. One will be installed by the tabernacle & one by the pulpit. They are being donated by two parishioners & I’m grateful for their generous offer. Hopefully they will be installed soon. Since we give visiting priests a stipend for their help, I told Fr. Weist he was getting only half of his stipend for half of the Mass he said! But then I found out it was an anniversary for him too—his 46th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood! So I gave him the other half too. May God bless him and all the priests who pray with us.

    This past week I celebrated a Mass of Christian Burial for Allison Steadley. May she and all those who have gone before us, rest in the peace of God’s kingdom. On our website, we keep a list of those whose funerals have been celebrated here during the past year (and in 2014), with a link to their online obituary. We also have there information on Catholic Funerals and a funeral liturgy planning form, along with suggested readings and songs for funerals. 

    We congratulate all the 8th graders from our parish school who graduated this Saturday after the 4pm Mass. Out of the 27 graduates, 24 are going on to a Catholic high school. We are proud of them and of what we are able to offer our school students. You’ll soon find pictures of them from the graduation ceremony on our website. The last day of school for the rest of our students was this past Friday so it’s going to be quiet around here for the next 3 months. But we wish all of our students a safe & enjoyable summer. I bring Michaela over to the school to visit but she usually ends up in the kindergarten room where she steals the stuffed animals from the toy box! Apparently our school has failed to teach her one of the 10 commandments: Thou shalt not steal.