Pastor's Column

     Congratulations to Rachel Lewandowski & Adam Dugas who are being wedded this Saturday. May they have a long and fruitful life together and be witnesses to the Divine Love in the world. 

    Friday, July 3rd, is the official 4th of July holiday. So our holiday Mass will be on Friday morning at 9:00 instead of on Saturday. May we give thanks to the Lord for the freedoms that we enjoy due to the sacrifice of many. 

    Michaela is having some minor surgery this week. Like many Shi Tzu’s, her eyes tear up, leaving a brown stain on the white hair under her eyes. If it were just a cosmetic problem, I would be OK with that, though being of the female persuasion, she naturally wants to look her best when she puts her face on in the morning. But there are these tiny hairs under her eyelids that rub against her eyes every time she blinks and eventually that irritation can cause vision problems, let alone be uncomfortable for her. So they freeze those hairs away & hopefully the problem is fixed. But as many pet owners know, the cost of any surgery or pet care in general is quite high. I’m willing to pay it of course as that’s my responsibility as a parent, but I’ll have to make a few sacrifices. Perhaps I won’t eat at Honeyhut for 25 years. Or maybe I’ll go to Akron for vacation instead of Florida. Or maybe I’ll sell the cat. No, I couldn’t do that—I would never get enough money for her anyway since she’s pre-owned. I’ll figure it out, but if you see her looking like a pirate with patches over her eyes, you’ll know why. 

    The maintenance crew has been hard at work spreading 50 yards of mulch around the property. It is donated to us by a parishioner and we’re very grateful for his generosity. Several people have been planting flowers and it makes a big difference. Thanks to everyone who helps keep our property looking good. 

    We’re doing a lot of work over the summer cleaning and reorganizing areas in the school. Sister Erin Zubal, the new principal, has already been working very hard the last couple of months as she prepares to lead our school into a future full of growth and opportunities. If you or someone you know has children of school age (including preschool), be sure to ask for a tour of our school buildings or contact Sister Erin to learn more about what makes St. Leo the Great unique. It’s going to be an exciting year. But let’s try to enjoy the summer months first.