Pastor's Column

     This past Tuesday was the funeral Mass for Mike Duda, husband of Sandy (44 years) and father of Jeff, Jamey, Joel & Stacy. Despite his struggle with cancer, Mike was able to be here for the First Communion of one of his grandchildren just last month. May he now share in the eternal Eucharist of heaven.

    On June 8th we had the funeral Mass for Paul Genda. Paul’s wife Hedwig had died last year, and I remember asking him at that time how long he had been married to her. His response was “68 years and 9 months.” It seems he had been counting the days, but in a good way. He was born in Europe during the days of Hitler and was able to come to the United States with his wife and their first-born child. May he and Hedwig be reunited again in God’s kingdom.

    Remember when I announced a couple months ago that Catholic Charities had lost many pledges this year due to the very bad weather we had in February when we had our annual Appeal? (If you don’t remember, just humor me & say you do). Well we had an additional 41 pledges or offerings made. My guess is that put us on par with what we were able to pledge as a parish the previous year. I don’t have numbers yet, but I do remember the parish reaching the goal the Diocese set for us. So thank you all for your pledges to help the most vulnerable in our Cleveland area. 

    Last weekend I asked God’s blessings on Joe & Virginia Soflkancs as they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. May God watch over them and all those celebrating anniversaries especially at this time of the year. 

    Due to the large number of requests we receive, we have begun to rent out the Parish Community Center. Parish, School and Preschool events always take first priority, but the space has been a wonderful place for parties such as baptism, graduation, first Communion, etc. It can also be used for a luncheon after a funeral. Pictures of the space and a form for reserving it can be found on our website or you can call the rectory office and ask to speak to Mina Rolando, the Coordinator. The money raised from the rental will allow us to keep the building updated in both maintenance and appearance. 

    Father Vesely & I have been making several trips to Honeyhut this summer. Somehow whatever he eats ends up putting weight on me, not him! I always get one scoop, he always gets two. And I’m the one working, he’s the one who’s retired. Shouldn’t I being burning off more calories than him? Oh the injustices of life. These two Fathers wish all of our fathers a Happy Father’s Day.