Pastor's Column

     We extend our sympathies to Donald Waken on the death of his wife Violet who was 90 years old. Her funeral Mass was celebrated last Wednesday and Deacon Tom Waken, who served here at St. Leo’s, was Donald’s brother. Don & Violet were married here in the old church (which is now Lux Hall) so they have been parishioners from the beginning of the parish. We ask the Lord to receive her into his heavenly home.

    We also remember Linda Krol who was married to her husband Joe for 42 years & who had been suffering from MS for many years. They have three children, two of whom attended St. Leo Parish School (& remember well the nuns who taught here). I had the opportunity to give Linda the last rites before she died and was glad that we could pray for her to be received by the angels into heaven. May she too rest in peace.

    Several people who participated in the ARISE small group sharing sessions during Lent came to the Parish Center to enjoy a delicious meal together last week. I was touched by the stories they told of how this ARISE experience has helped them. I am very grateful to all the team members and group leaders who made this possible for our parish! Their leadership is commendable and is a great example of what is hoped for from the laity who are called to live out their baptismal call with the power of the Holy Spirit. We look forward to the next 6-week session which will begin in the Fall.

    We are in the process of keeping our lawn well mowed, along with planting flowers and getting rid of dead and fallen branches and the dead leaves & other debris that fall from the trees & bushes. We would love your help! If you’d like to take over just one small area of the property where we could use some flowers or other care, please let us know. We should take pride in the wonderful property we have here at St. Leo’s and do what we can not only to maintain it but to make it a beautiful place to visit. It is my hope that we can encourage you to make use of the large area of grass & trees that is behind the church & rectory. We’ll think about how we can make that space welcoming & more utilized by parishioners. Do let me know if you’ve got a green thumb you’d like to put to good use. Unfortunately when it comes to gardening, I’m ALL thumbs so I’m not good with that. I also have two left feet when it comes to dancing. But I have two good eyes and ears so see me or speak to me if you’re willing to help.