Homily...The Gift of Law

Moses gave a “pep talk” to the Israelite people, telling them they should be proud that they are different from their pagan neighbors who do not share their faith (and not be jealous of them). Why? Because who has a god who is as great as our God? (No one!). Who has commandments & laws that make so much sense & that help us to live in harmony w/ each other? 

People without faith say that it’s better not to have to live by God’s laws, by the rules of a Church or by the commandments of faith. But they don’t understand this: that for us, the commandments & laws of God are gifts, not burdens! Moses said: “You must keep God’s commandments that I give you today so that you & your children may prosper & have a long life which God gives to you.”

We don’t obey laws because God wants to make life harder for us but because he wants to make it better for us. It’s how we prosper, how we grow, how we change for the better, how we live in friendship with God & in harmony w/ each other. The commandments are gifts, not burdens.