Pastor's Column, May 3, 2015

     Last week Grady Wilson made his First Holy Communion at the 10am Sunday Mass but I mention this again because I misspelled his first name & wrote Brady instead of Grady. My apologies to him. I made a mistake once before several decades ago so I wanted to acknowledge this one today as I did back then. Congratulations to him and to all those who will be making their First Eucharist during the 4pm Mass this Saturday. We welcome them to the Table of the Lord!

    While I was away a couple weeks ago, parishioner Paul Andrew passed away suddenly and his Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on April 20th. Paul’s son Daniel had died almost a year ago, and we trust that both of them are together again in God’ kingdom. Last week I celebrated the funeral Mass for Daniel Sholtis, so please keep all of these in your prayerful thoughts. 

    I want to express my gratitude to you again for your generosity. We received another quarterly check in the amount of $3035 from the Rooted in Faith contributions you continue to make. I also received many thank you notes from the organizations that we supported financially through our Lenten opportunities, and one in particular really struck me. The organization called “Womankind” whom we donated to through our baby bottle campaign in Lent received $2278.61 from your donations. That’s a big help to women who need our financial support as they bring new life into this world. But here’s what really surprised me…in the years this parish has been donated to Womankind, they have received $24,648.86 from the people of St. Leo’s. That’s just incredible. Thanks again for your generous almsgiving and for your faithful donations each week which allow us to offer many services to you and to others from our parish. 

    Congratulations to Rebecca Mandoza & Andrew Zint who will be wedded here next Saturday. May they have a long and fruitful marriage. 

    Finally, you will see published here in the bulletin & on our website, the names of our Parish and Finance Council members. When you receive the latest News & Views Newsletter which has my article on the “State of the Parish” in it, please feel free to offer feedback to any one of these people or to me. The members of our new Parish Council met again last week and discussed this article so they will be prepared to answer most of the questions you may have related to what I shared with you. Pray for these parishioners that we may work well together for the spiritual and financial goals of our parish.