Homily Thoughts for March 8, 2015…Anger. Right or Wrong?

Aristotle, the great philosopher, helps us tremendously to see if our anger is a vice or a virtue. He wrote, “It is easy to become angry. Anyone can do it. But to become angry at the right moment, to the right degree, for the right purpose, in the right manner, that is difficult.” 

Jesus angry in the Temple because people were selling animals for sacrifice in a way that probably took advantage of the poor. He lashed out against injustice, taking to task the people who used God’s house of prayer as a place to steal and make an unjust profit. 

Some people get angry a lot. Others never seem to get angry. But one is not necessarily sinful while the other is virtuous. What motivates our anger? If I am angry because I didn’t get my way, I am being selfish. However if I don’t get angry at injustice, then I am sinfully indifferent to the suffering of others. Be angry at the right moment, to the right degree & for the right purpose.