Homily Thoughts for March 29, 2015…Running off Naked

There is a brief detail, almost a footnote, in Mark’s version of the Passion (the story of Jesus’s suffering & death) that is not found in the other 3 gospels. After the last supper, when in the garden, Jesus is arrested. 

But Mark says that there was a young man there who is a follower of Jesus. He was wearing only a linen cloth. But when he is seized by the guards (for being a disciple of Jesus), he left his clothes behind (in the hands of the guard) & ran off naked. What does this mean? Earlier in the gospel, we are told that the 1st disciples left everything to follow Jesus. But now this disciple leaves everything to get away from Jesus.

Many people who want to believe run away from faith when it becomes too difficult, too threatening, too unpopular, too confusing. But those who run away end up spiritually naked. Do we run when faith becomes too hard for us?