Homily...Wait for the End

A piano teacher had her students practice the ending of a song over & over in preparation for a recital. When the students complained about practicing the ending so much, she explained that if they make a mistake in the beginning or the end of the song, it will be forgotten as long as they can finish with a great ending. 

Endings are important because they are the final word. The great word of hope spoken by Jesus today is that he promises a great ending...on the last day the evil powers of the world will be shaken & the angels will gather us into God's kingdom. God may seem to be idle but the truth is he is always active & working to direct our lives & our world to a blessed conclusion.

That may be hard to believe when we hear of terrorism in Paris or in other parts of the world. It may seem that evil is winning. When we're sick or struggling, it's easy to doubt that God is active or even concerned. But that's why we come to Mass every week...to remember what God has said & promised. Remember that it's the ending that counts.