Homily...I Want to See

There were 3 times in my life when my sight was in jeopardy but was restored: when I needed eyeglasses, when I had a detached retina & when I needed cataract surgery. It’s an amazing thing to have our sight preserved or restored. 

But Bartimaeus received two miracles: the healing of his physical blindness and the gift of spiritual insight. After his healing, he became a follower of Jesus immediately instead of just going off to enjoy his new ability to see. 

Today is Priesthood Sunday. If there is one thing I hope I can offer people through my priestly ministry (& what I ask you to pray for on my behalf), it’s the gift of insight. Faith has everything to do with how we see…how we see God, others, ourselves, our past, present, future, our world…in a word, everything. Jesus asks us: “What do you want me to do for you?” Can we say, like Bartimaeus, “Lord, I want to see?”