Pastor's Column

     Last week I saw a number of people who I promised we would pray for. So I’ll ask you to remember Linda & Ken who are taking chemo, Walter who is recovering after a long illness, Doris who tries to appreciate each day she is given, and Jack who has made great progress after his heart attack. It is my hope that if any parishioner is undergoing chemotherapy or is facing or recovering from surgery, or is dealing with any kind of serious illness, that they will let me know so that I may anoint them, visit them or make sure they are receiving Holy Communion. Ministry to the sick was so important to Jesus & it is important to us as a parish so please don’t ever hesitate to let me know how we can help you through an illness. Of course we also commit ourselves to praying for those whose names are published in the bulletin so perhaps you can cut that out & put it in a prayer book or on your refrigerator or even in your wallet or purse in order to remember to pray for them.

    You saw last weekend that our first handrail was installed by the tabernacle so that Father Vesely can have an easier time with the steps to the sanctuary. Another one will be installed by the pulpit and I would encourage all lectors & eucharistic ministers to make use of it if you feel you can use that assistance when entering or leaving the pulpit or altar areas. Two small ones will also be installed on the steps approaching the presider’s chair but hopefully our altar servers won’t be needing those quite yet. Our thanks to Jan Papez and to Irene Venesky who generously donated these handrails. They get a lifetime pass to use the handrails for free! 

    You will also start hearing some new sounds coming from our organ. A person who is quite passionate about music generously donated an add-on to the organ that uses technology to produce a large number of new sounds. My favorite is the one that sounds like a large choir is humming or singing “Ahhhhhh”! I think our liturgical music will be greatly enhanced by what the organ is now able to do for us. It’s so good to have our choir back singing during these months after summer, but we’re always in need of new (and real) voices. If you believe (& you've been told) that you have a nice voice, please consider joining. We need you! Nothing is more important to the lifting up of our hearts than the music that is a part of our worship. It teaches, encourages, strengthens, & consoles us while at the same time allows us to praise the God who is worthy of our adoration. See Mickey & let her know you’d like to give it a try.