Pastor's Column

     You’ve seen a couple of changes in this bulletin over the last 21 months, but this one is the biggest yet as it’s in color and has two additional pages (going from 6 pages to 8). Our 4 year contract with the bulletin company ended this month and so we had the opportunity to evaluate a couple of other companies that provide church bulletins and have decided to go with one that really offers us so much more. We do not pay anything for our weekly bulletins since the ads that are placed on the back page generate the revenue for them. These advertisers are local businesses, and some are parishioners, so please support them. We make use of them ourselves at the parish as much as we are able. Besides having color and additional pages, the company will also print our quarterly newsletter (the “News & Views”) in color and on glossy, magazine-like paper. And there are many other benefits as well that come with this new contract. We hope you enjoy reading the bulletin & that you pass it on to neighbors who may be interested in joining our parish. 

    In the next week or two, you may also be receiving a magazine called “Northeast Ohio Catholic” which is being published by the Diocese of Cleveland and is a replacement for the Catholic Universe Bulletin that issued its last publication this summer. It looks to be a fantastic source of Catholic news and information which will be published 6 times a year at no cost to you. Watch out for it & again, pass it on.

    At our Parish Council meeting last week, Sister Erin gave an update on what’s been happening in the preschool and elementary school. I gave an update on our financial status which will be published this month to the parish. We spoke about our effort to provide an opportunity for people to become Catholic through the RCIA process, while at the same time preparing adults for Confirmation and helping those seeking baptism for their children or marriage in the Church to reconnect with their Catholic faith. At the end of this month, I will pass on the information that the priests of the Diocese will be receiving from the Bishop this month with regards to staffing of parishes. Any parishioner is welcome to attend these meetings and council member’s names are listed in the bulletin & on our website if you’d like to ask them questions or have them bring something to the attention of the Council. 

    This will be my last opportunity to invite you to help us in some way with the Parish Festival to take place this next weekend. Even if you only have a couple hours, you can help. Sign up sheets are in the vestibule. Hope to see you all enjoying this parish event!