Homily Thoughts for January 25, 2015...

Lent is still a month or so away, but the word “Repent” is found in our first & second readings. One way of describing repentance is “to readjust one’s priorities.” Take what is at the center of your attention & move it to the side. Take what is at the side & move it to the center.

Sometimes this happens automatically for us, and it can be shocking. For example, when we’re sick, what we thought was important moves to our peripheral vision while our health becomes the center of our focus. When Jesus called the 4 disciples in the gospel, their work as fisherman, which was primary for them, moved to the side, while their decision to follow Christ became center stage.

St. Paul said that the world as we know it is passing away. He said this after having had an incredible encounter with the Risen Lord. So for him, the present order of things was passing because Christ was now at the center of his life and knowing Christ made everything different for him. We are to repent: to put Christ at the center of our lives & to move what is not important or eternal to the side.