Pastor's Column, January 11, 2015

On December 27th last year (all of two weeks ago!), my “Predecessor of Happy Memory” (that’s how popes speak of popes who came before them!), former pastor Father Ned Weist celebrated the 4pm Mass in order to bless a couple whose wedding he celebrated 25 years ago, Myron & Mary Sulminiski. So happy 25th Anniversary to Myron & Mary. We hope you have many more.

On a sad note, Kathy Insana-Hoag died of cancer at the age of 48. We extend our sympathy to her husband Jim and to their three children, Matthew, Cecily & James, all of whom attended St. Leo school. Within seconds after I prayed with them on Christmas afternoon, Kathy was born into eternal life. May she know Christmas peace forever. 

I also celebrated this past week a Funeral Service for Patrick O’Malley, son of John & Patricia and brother of Brian & Kevin. A Memorial Mass for Patrick will be planned for early February. We entrust him to the embrace of God who gives new life to all. May he rest in peace and may his family find peace in their faith.

John Wojtkiewicz died on December 29th and his Mass of Christian Burial was at St. Leo this past Wednesday. John was one of 10 children and there is only a brother of his who is surviving. He was 86 years old, and a man of faith who never missed Mass. We are glad he was able to worship with us these past years and we keep his family in our prayers.

Just when the 50+ degree weather dropped into the bitter teens, we suddenly lost heat in the church & rectory…a pastor’s nightmare. Dominion Gas needed to do a test the following day to see if the problem was on their end or ours. If the problem was on our side (due to faulty gas pipes buried in the ground), it would be a very expensive and time-consuming repair since we’re in the middle of a very cold winter. Well the news was that we will be responsible for the repair due to where the problem exists, but the good news is it won’t be as expensive as first thought since we are able to wait until the spring to dig underground. Basically, two tree trunks were pressing against pipes & caused them to fail. I’m grateful it isn’t worse than it is, and that we are now with heat again, but of course such news keeps pastors up at night…and so does a cold rectory! I made sure that Michaela kept Fr. Vesely warm by laying in his lap while Abby kept me thawed. What would we do without our pets?