Pastor's Column, August 10, 2014

I anointed Elmer & Ernie Wisnieski this past week. They have been married for 72 years and live next door to their daughter Karen. I told them we would offer our prayers for them as Elmer was going to see the doctor during the week. Please say a Hail Mary for them. 

We celebrated the Mass of Christian Burial for Bruno Romano last Saturday. Bruno was at our parish picnic a couple weeks ago and was a faithful usher at Mass. We ask God to give him the reward of his faithfulness. 

Congratulations to Timothy Lamont & Rebecca Jandrokovic who were married on August 1st here at St. Leo’s. May the Lord grant them many years of happiness!

I will be baptizing twins during the Noon Mass this weekend. We welcome Michael Patrick & Dominic Francis, sons of Vito & Patricia Simonetta. So we pray not only for the little boys for their parents who take on at one time double the responsibility of raising a child. One of my sisters had twins and another had triplets. Every year they would go to Twinsburg for their annual Twins Day celebration. The Catholic Church in Twinsburg, by the way, is Saints Cosmas & Damian, twin brothers. But now I’m getting off track. I can attest that the twins we are baptizing have healthy lungs! They love to “sing” during Mass. All for the glory of God. 

This Tuesday I will be offering Mass for Florence Koenig. I don’t know her personally & most likely never met her. But I was informed that she was my “prayer mom.” Apparently every priest in the Diocese has someone who is praying for him, and Florence was the one praying for me (and that’s quite a job!). Sadly I was informed that she passed away so I wanted to offer Mass for her so that I may pray for her as she prayed for me. Priests need your prayers. Please pray for us often that we may serve God faithfully and serve you lovingly.

I was informed this past week that the Sisters of St. Michael the Archangel have been given the blessing of Bishop Richard Lennon and permission to reside in the Diocese of Cleveland and to engage in ministry to our Diocese. These two Sisters are Sr. Gloria Omoneme Olori, SSMA and Sr. Veronica Temitope Ogunlade, SSMA. Sr. Veronica will be arriving here in a month or two but Sr. Gloria has been with us for some time. We are happy they are with us and welcome their ministry in our parish.