Homily thoughts for August 24th…When God Closes Doors

Remember the feeling you got when you received the keys to your first car or first house? Then imagine  how Peter felt when Jesus gave him the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven!

But keys are used not just to open but to close, not just to unlock but to lock. When someone marries, the doors to the heart of their spouse is open, but the doors to other relationships are closed forever. When someone has children, the doors of parenting are opened but some freedom (and money!) is taken away. 

It’s not a bad thing for God to close some doors in our lives. Freedom is not having every door opened to us. Freedom is the ability to open some doors while being OK with closing others. A closed door can be a blessing to us as much as an opened one if we are kept protected from bad relationships & experiences. When God closes a door to us, that can be one of his greatest gifts.