Homily thoughts for July 27th…Wisdom is the Pearl

Children can ask Santa for anything. They may not get what they want, but they can ask. God tells King Solomon to ask for anything. He asks for Wisdom. What? He could ask for a long life or to win the lottery & he asks for that? It's like asking Santa for socks & underwear!

Wisdom is a buried treasure & a pearl of great price. It's the ability to see things as God sees them. It's not just knowledge (which is a separate gift), but the knowledge to see a person or situation from God's perspective. This can be very helpful to us! In what we see as negative, God sees that which is good.

So how do we receive this gift? By sharing with others our struggles. God will speak through them to reveal wisdom to us. As children we can ask for some pretty unimportant things. But we should ask God for the great pearl: Wisdom.