Pastor's Column, November 9, 2014

There’s a lot of information for you this week & of course there’s limited space here so let me jump right in…

In our prayers for the faithful departed during this month of November, we add two names of parishioners who recently died. Todd Roberts was the father of Therese and the father of two children in our school, Rachel & Courtney. Todd was only 47 years old and died after a two week illness. It’s sad when children lose their parents, even adult children. Helen Wittreich was the 94 year old mother of parishioner Jan Regal whose husband is Ron. She was in a nursing home for 8 years but received wonderful care at Parkside Villa. May they both rest in God’s peace.

On the other end of life’s cycle is birth, and this Saturday, November 8th, we celebrate that day when 87 years ago, Father James Vesely was born into this world, and it hasn’t been the same since! Here’s a saying that I remember today on his birthday: “For a very short time, you were the youngest person in the world.” But for a long time, Fr. Vesely has been one of the most helpful to the Church & our parish. We look forward to celebrating his 60th Anniversary of Ordination on December 7th. Be sure to mark your calendars. 

As you see, included in this weekend’s bulletin is a letter from myself concerning the Finance Report from this past fiscal year of 2013/14 which is also included. It’s a great opportunity for me to thank you again for your generosity and sacrifice during the past year. May God help us all to be good stewards of what he has given us.

Please help keep us on track with our budget by participating in our Sweepstakes drawings. You can win multiple times during the year and we choose a new winner every week. A flyer with a ticket was included in last weekend’s bulletin, but they will be available on the tables in the church every weekend through the end of the year. Just put the ticket(s) & your cash or check in the collection basket or mail it or drop it off. It’s a fun way to help the parish!

Thanks to the Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers who stayed after Mass last weekend for a brief meeting. Those who could not be there are asked to make sure they get the notes which I passed out at that time from the Mass Coordinator. 

Monday, November 10th, is the feast of our patron, St. Leo the Great (which means we pick a $1000 Sweepstakes winner!). The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed on the altar between the 8am & 10am Masses and between the 10am & Noon Masses. Please use that opportunity to pray for the parish, especially for the fruitful experience of the ARISE program.