Pastor's Column, November 30, 2014

We are happy to have two people in our RCIA process this year: Angelique Arroyo and Mike Jodon. Angelique is a catechumen which means she is preparing to be baptized at the Easter Vigil in 2015. She will also receive Eucharist and Confirmation. Angelique has two boys in our parish school, Emmanuel & Ishmael, who were baptized at our Easter Vigil this past year. Mike was already baptized Catholic but never received the Eucharist or Confirmation, so he will receive these at our Easter Vigil in 2015 as well. Since he is already baptized, he is referred to as a candidate instead of as a catechumen. They are both wonderful people whose faith can already be “seen” in the discussions we have on Wednesday evenings. We publish in the bulletin what our topic for RCIA will be each week, so please know that anyone is welcome to join us in the Parish Center on Wednesday evening from 7-8pm, particularly if a topic is of special interest to you. I ask the parish community to please pray for these two people who are asking to become part of our Catholic Community through the sacraments.

Today we begin the first week of Advent, that season which begins a new Church year or liturgical cycle. It is a time for us to prepare for the second coming of Christ at the end of time and to celebrate the first coming of Christ when he was born of the Virgin. Our Advent wreath displays the 4 candles that mark the number of weeks in this season as well as show the colors of this season: purple and rose (the rose is used on the 3rd week to remind us of the joy we feel at the nearness of Christ’s birth). As we say and sing this holy season, Come Lord Jesus!

This Sunday I will baptize two children. Their names are Patience & Gracie Sulecki. Patience is a second grader in our school and Gracie is 18 months old. We are happy to have them baptized in the name of the Trinity. We pray for them and for their parents.

This week I begin a 3-part bible series on the “Infancy Narratives” or the stories of Jesus’s birth. It will take place this Wednesday (and the following two Wednesdays) in our Parish Center and will go from just 7-8pm. We will look at why the three stories of Jesus’s birth are different, and why St. John doesn’t even include one in his gospel! I think you’d find it interesting so come join us and be better prepared for Christmas.