Homily Thoughts for November 30, 2014…The Eye of God

Here in Cleveland, drivers are conscious of the fact that in many places, there are cameras set up to catch those who are speeding or driving through a red light. Some people have received a picture of themselves sitting in the driver’s seat of their car, doing the wrong thing, breaking a traffic law. 

Don’t we think of God sometimes as if his all-seeing eye is just waiting to catch us doing the wrong thing, breaking a commandment, committing sin? We think he is gathering his evidence against us for the day of judgment, when we stand before the heavenly court to be judged on the wrong we have done.

But the scripture and prayer for today hope for something different. The prophet Isaiah prays, “Would that you might meet us doing right, that we were mindful of you in all our ways!” And the opening prayer for Mass prayed that “we may resolve to run forth with righteous deeds” to meet Christ. The all-seeing eye of God is watching us, not so that he may catch us breaking the law but that he might catch us doing good for others.