Homily Thoughts for November 16, 2014…God's Affirmation

I am seldom satisfied with the way things are because I always see room for improvement. There is something good in there because I’m willing to strive for something better. But the danger is that I become too critical, too negative. I am my own worst critic. 

Maybe we are all like that to an extent. When hearing the parable about the talents, did you think to yourself, “God will punish us if we don’t use our talents”? But we forget that there were two servants who received God’s praise for using the gifts he gave them. God is more likely to praise us for our successes than to criticize us for our failures. 

Hear God praising you today for using well the gifts he has given you. You are a good spouse, a good parent, a good friend. Then take that affirmation & use it on others. Then we become like God. Then we are able to hear God say, “Come, share your Master’s joy!”