Pastor's Column, November 2, 2014

Saturday, November 1st, is the feast of All Saints. While it is always a holy day, it not always a holy day of obligation which obliges us to attend Mass on that day. When most holy days fall on a Saturday or Monday, the bishops have dispensed with the obligation to attend Mass so as not to lend confusion to the weekend Mass schedule. I should have mentioned that in last week’s bulletin but if you keep an eye on our website or mobile app, you will find there information that is more timely than our bulletin.

Sunday, November 2nd is the feast of “The Commemoration of the Faithful Departed” also known as “All Souls.” We remember all our loved ones who have gone before us and ask the saints to intercede for them that they too may be part of the Communion of Saints in heaven. We continue to display the pictures of the deceased pastors of St. Leo as we remember them and all the deceased former Parochial Vicars (Associates) of our parish.

It would be appropriate to add Fr. Ed Luca to the names of those we pray for this weekend. He was a classmate of Fr. Vesely and was buried last Friday at Nativity Church in Lorain where he had celebrated Mass often in his retirement. In fact, he celebrated one of our Masses here about a month ago when I was on vacation so some of you may remember him. May he too be counted among the saints.

It is sad that there are so many people we call to mind today because they are no longer with us in this life. I ask that you pray for Laurel Leary, the mother of one of our school children, Morgan Leary, and the wife of our parishioner, Patrick Leary. Laurel died unexpectedly and we know how it pains a child (or an adult) to lose a parent. May she now have eternal peace. 

We received another quarterly check this week from the Rooted in Faith Campaign for over $3000.00 which is due to your faithful generosity. Thank you!

I’d like to remind the Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers that there will be a brief meeting after each Mass this weekend so please remain in the church so that we may review quickly our procedures for those ministries. Thank you all for your service!

Finally, Michaela was dressed as a witch for Halloween (the outfit was bought by her granny). Hardly her personality but Halloween is for pretend. Me? I pretended to be skinny so that I could eat as much Halloween candy as I wanted. It worked out great.