Pastor's Column, October 19, 2014

I was reminded that since we’re going into the time of year when people tend to catch more colds & maybe even the flu, it might be a good idea for all of us to remember to be on guard for our own health & that of others. Please remember that at the Sign of Peace, it is not necessary for you to shake hands with those around you. You are always free to just nod your head and wave your hand (not like the Queen does) in acknowledgement of those around you. You can speak a word of peace especially during those times when you may be coming down with a cold or are especially afraid of catching one from someone else. With regards to Holy Communion too, you are not required to drink from the cup when you are feeling ill or when you are trying to prevent an illness from someone else. Consuming the Body of Christ in taking the consecrated host alone is still receiving the full presence of Christ, though you are always encouraged to receive both the Body and Blood of Christ whenever you are well and able. 

Next month we will provide you with the financial statement of the parish for the 2013-14 fiscal year (teaser: we’re staying within our budget!). But I wanted to ask for your support not only through the weekly collection (which is very much appreciated) but also through parish fundraisers. Two of these fundraisers take place throughout the year: the Gift Card Program and the Great Sweepstakes. The Gift Card program is simple: you can purchase gift cards at face value for a large variety of places where you already regularly shop (like Giant Eagle, BP, fast food restaurants, etc.), and the parish makes a small percentage from each card in return. Because we sell thousands of these cards each year, we receive thousands of dollars in return. Since you purchase these items anyway, it is an easy & great way to help out the parish. We sell them in our rectory office so please stop by & pick some up.

The second fundraiser is our Great Sweepstakes. This is not just a year-round fundraiser for the parish, but it’s an opportunity for YOU to win money. Every week we pull a ticket & someone wins $100. Then there are special drawings & super-drawings where you can win either $200 or $1000! You can win multiple times throughout the year. These too are available in the rectory office. Why not consider even giving them as gifts? These are easy ways to help us pay our bills and continue to provide our services to you & others. Thanks so much for your help!