Dress Code and Dress Code Violations

The appropriate dress relative to school policy is determined by the administration.  Students who choose to dress inappropriately in uniform or designated “Dress Down Days” will be contacting home for appropriate clothes for school and receive a Dress Code Misconduct.  Any students receiving three misconducts in a month will not be allowed to participate in monthly dress down days.


·      Dress pants in navy, khaki, black or grey. NO cargo pants.

·      Polo shirt in solid light blue, grey, royal blue, or navy blue (3-4 buttons and a collar) in short or long sleeve worn

        tucked at the waist with a black or brown belt. (OPTIONAL: GRADES 7 AND 8- Dress shirt with tie)

·      Dress shoes such as loafers, oxfords, deck shoes worn with crew or dress socks.  NO TENNIS SHOES OR LIGHT UP


·      Sweater in plain navy, grey, light blue, or royal blue (v-neck, crew, cardigan) or “official” St. Leo sweatshirt without             

       hood (purchased at the school office)

PROHIBITED FOR BOYS: No jeans or pants of “jeans-like” material, pants with leg-pockets, or pants gathered at the ankles for dress trousers; low-cut or “cropped” socks; colored / decorated undershirts; “hoodies” (hooded sweatshirts) in lieu of sweaters or regulation SLS sweatshirts; “work boots”, tennis shoes; shoes without hard soles; sandals; heavy neck chains; earrings (includes earrings covered with band-aids); cartilage or body piercing; tattoos.  Hair must be neatly combed and out of eyes.  NO styles of trendy or unusual haircuts such as dyed, spiked hair, lines, tails, Mohawk or ridges and colors are not permitted.  


·      Royal blue plaid jumper.  Jumper must be knee length. Can be purchased at Schoolbelle’s.

·      Polo shirts in light blue, grey, royal blue, or navy.  Shirt must have a collar.  MUST BE WORN TUCKED IN OR


·      Dress pants in navy, khaki, black or grey. NO jean-like material.  DRESS PANTS ONLY! NO tight-fitting pants,

      yoga pants, stirrup pants, hip-hugger pants, bell-bottom pants, sewn on pockets, rivets or jeans.       

·      Tights, crew socks, or knee socks in solid colored plain navy, white, or gray.

·      “School shoes” with low heels such as loafers, saddle shoes. NO TENNIS SHOES, “SLIPPERS”, BOOTS,


·      Sweater in plain navy, grey, or black (crew or cardigan) or “official” St. Leo sweatshirt without hood (available for  

       purchase from the school office)

·      UNDERGARMENTS: Undergarments should be white or flesh colored and should not be visible underneath the school



The dress code for grades 3-8 is identical to grades Kindergarten -Grades 3 with the substitution of the royal blue plaid skirt (permanently pleated or kilt-wrap style) or flat-panel uniform “skort” (from Schoolbelles) in lieu of the plaid jumper.  

PROHIBITED FOR GIRLS:  Makeup; nail polish or artificial nails; hoop or “dangling” earrings (safety issue); more than 2 post-earrings per ear; only one bracelet, necklace and ring will be permitted; cartilage or body piercing; tattoos; using jeans or pants of “jeans-like” material , “stirrup” pants, or leggings for dress slacks; colored or decorated t-shirts or tops under the uniform blouse; low-cut or no-show socks; patterned socks; tennis shoes, boots, backless shoes; slippers; shoes without hard soles (e.g. leather moccasins); sandals; “hoodies” inside the building; shoes with heels high enough to pose a safety risk, tote-bag sized purses.  Hair must be neatly combed and kept out of eyes. Hair color must be natural looking; no extreme hairstyles, colors or highlights. NO headbands with animal ears or anything protruding above the hair.

UNIFORM SHORTS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS:  Uniform shorts may be purchased from Schoolbelles or must look like Schoolbelle’s shorts.  Students may wear uniform shorts from the first day of school through the end of September and from May through June.  Shorts may be approved during other months in the case of unusually hot weather, but these days will be announced via the school P.A. system.  When uniform shorts are worn, all other uniform regulations apply. NO “CARGO” SHORTS.  All shorts must be knee length.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION UNIFORMS: Students in all grades must wear the uniform for  physical education purchased from the school office  and tennis shoes. Students in grades  K-4 wear the gym uniform and tennis shoes to school on gym days.


·       Jeans (NO HOLES) uniform pants, athletic pants and joggers are permitted. Girls are permitted to wear leggings or tights under a dress, skirt or very long t-shirt. The length of the dress, skirt or very long t-shirt must approach the knee. Plain color Polo Shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts with appropriate messages, or sports teams are allowed. Shirts must have sleeves. • Socks must be worn. (No Ankle or Low-Cut socks) • Shoes: Only athletic shoes with logos are permitted. Flip flops, wheel shoes and high heels are not permitted.

·       Official St. Leo Athletic “hoodies” are permitted as in-school wear only on Dress Down Days.  NOT PERMITTED: tank tops or “muscle” shirts; spandex, bicycle pants; pajama pants; hats in the building; non-St. Leo“hoodies”; sandals, backless shoes or “boots”; t-shirts with inappropriate pictures, words, or phrases.  Shorts may be substituted for jeans during the same months that school uniform shorts may be worn (see “Uniform Shorts” above)


Dresses with sleeves, sun dresses with blouses, skirts, or dress slacks with white or colored blouses. NO tight fitting clothing. NO JEANS. Cardigan sweaters may be worn (not warm-ups).


Dress pants (no jeans), shirt with collar. Top button may be opened. Multi- colored sweaters may be worn (not warm-ups). A belt must be worn if pants have loops. Socks and shoes must be worn.