Diocese of Cleveland, Catholic Directory for 2018-2019

The Diocese of Cleveland is pleased to offer its Catholic Directory.  Parishes, schools and organizations are encouraged to download and print (if needed) a copy of the directory.

Click HERE or the directory icon to download the Catholic Directory (revised September 2018) – PDF Version.

The Catholic Directory is best viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click HERE to download the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

When the directory is opened in Acrobat Reader, it can be searched using the application’s “Find” function (CTRL + F).

When printing the directory, we suggest using 2-sided printing to conserve paper. In addition, the printed copy can be easily inserted into a binder using a 3-hole punch.


Printed Copy Order Form (2018-2019 Version)

Those who wish to order a printed copy of the directory can click HERE to download an order form.  Printed copies are $20 each and are not bound.  Copies are 3-holed punched suitable for a binder (not provided). Payment must accompany order form for processing.

Memorial of our patron St. Leo the Great - November 10, 2018

St. Leo was born at Tuscany in Italy. He came from a noble Roman family and was a very good student especially in scripture and theology (religious studies). When he grew up, he became a priest and was a powerful writer and preacher.

When Pope Sixtus died in 440, St. Leo became pope. Those were difficult times for the Church. Barbarian armies of Attila the Hun were attacking Christians in many places. 

Within the Church, some people were spreading heresies (false teachings about the faith), too. But St. Leo was one of the greatest popes there ever was. He was absolutely unafraid of anything or anyone. He had great trust in the help of the first pope, St. Peter the apostle and prayed to St. Peter often.

To stop the spread of false teachings, St. Leo explained the true faith with his famous writings. He called a Council to condemn the wrong teachings. Those who would not give up their mistaken beliefs were put out of the Church. And Pope Leo received back into the Church those who were sorry. He asked people to pray for them.

When Attila the Hun came to attack Rome, all the people were filled with fear. They knew that the Huns had already burned many cities. To save Rome, St. Leo rode out to meet the fierce leader, Attila. 

The only weapon he had was his great trust in God. When they met, something wonderful happened. Attila, the cruel pagan leader, showed the pope great honor. He made a treaty of peace with him. 

Attila said afterward that he had seen two mighty figures standing by the pope while he spoke. It is believed that they were the great apostles, Peter and Paul. They had been sent by God to protect Pope Leo and the Christians.

Because of his humility and charity, Pope Leo was loved by all. He was pope for twenty-one years. He died on November 10, 461.

Veterans Day Prayer

Almighty God,

You are our Creator and Sustainer.

You are our Light and our Fortress.

You are our Wisdom and our Strength.

Lord, you moved upon men to establish this great nation. You stirred men to hope and to dream for a land of freedom. We praise you for this great nation. 

Lord, you have inspired many of our best and brightest to volunteer to proudly stand and defend our beloved country. You have given us brave and loyal men and women who have steadfastly served in their chosen branch of our military.

We gather today to remember our military personnel. We acknowledge that their service enables us to walk as free men and women in this great land. 

Lord, today we seek to honor your sons and daughters who have served or who are serving our country. We are reminded that because of their service we can live in safety. 

We ask that you abundantly bless those who have previously served. May their service time be rewarded in every way. May they gain earthly and heavenly blessings from their unselfish love of country.

Lord, we stop now and remember those who are currently serving. We ask that you provide them with your protection, your strength, and your peace. We ask that you would abundantly provide for all their needs. We ask that you would enable them to overcome every personal and professional obstacle. We ask that you would protect their families from hurt and harm. 

May each of our veterans feel honored not just today but every day. 

Father, we also give special recognition to our wounded warriors. We realize that many of our heroes are dealing with physical and emotional wounds that occurred as a result of their time of service to our country.

We ask that they would be given the best treatments available and that you would add your supernatural blessings to all the efforts given to them to help them. We ask that you, Lord, would show them miracles as they seek to gain health, stability, and wholeness.

We pray these things in Jesus' name,


Chipotle St. Leo the Great School Fundraiser

Join us for a fundraiser to support St. Leo the Great School. Just come to Chipotle at 10325 Cascade Crossing, Brooklyn, OH 44144, Monday, November 12th from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Bring the flyer below, show it on you smartphone, to tell the cashier you’re are supporting our school to make sure that 33% of the proceeds will be donated to St. Leo the Great School.

Thank you so much for your support!!

Click here for the Chipotle Flyer!

Rest In Peace Johann Artbauer

JOHANN M. ARTBAUER (nee Scherma), age 80, passed away Nov. 5, 2018. Beloved wife of the late Otto; dearest mother of Otto Jr. (Jackie), Janice (Dave) Buehner, Michael (Julia) and Scott (Norma); grandmother of six; great-grandmother of six; sister of Marie Smolik and Michele Scherma. Memorial Mass Saturday, Nov. 10 at St. Leo the Great Church, 4940 Broadview Rd., Cleveland 44109 at 10 a.m. (EVERYONE PLEASE MEET AT CHURCH). The family will receive friends in the TOMON & SONS FUNERAL HOME, 4772 PEARL RD. (N. OF BROOKPARK RD.), CLEVELAND ON FRIDAY, NOV. 9  FOR A MEMORIAL GATHERING FROM 2-8 P.M. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests contributions to the Cleveland APL, 1729 Willey Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113.


Happy 90th Birthday Fr. James Vesely - May God Bless You!

We thank God for giving you knowledge and wisdom of understanding. Your sermons are so touching and have inspired many us in the church to always strive hard to do the will of God no matter how little. Fr. Vesely, as you mark your 90th birthday, we wish you good health, happiness, and lots of beautiful things in this world and hereafter.

We welcome Father Vesely as he celebrates the 4pm Mass this weekend and as we offer our birthday greetings to him on his 90th birthday. Fr. Vesely gave us a number of relics (small pieces of bone or flesh taken from the bodies of saints) and we have placed them in wooden cabinets which hang to the right of the Sacred Heart Statue and to the left of the St. Anne with Mary statue in the back of the church. We are blessed to have them as reminders of those men & women whose saintly lives give us inspiration. Please be sure to thank Fr. Vesely for the gift of these relics. He will join Deacon Pat & I as we bless throats in honor of St. Blaise after the 4pm Mass on Saturday (Deacon Pat & I will offer the throat blessing after the Sunday Masses as well).