School information & Forms

Saint Leo the Great offers excellence in education for Preschool - 8th Grade.  We look forward to meeting you as you explore educational options for your family.  Some distinguishing characteristics of a Saint Leo the Great education are:

  • Caring and dedicated teachers and staff who strive to help students be successful.
  • Full time Health Aide who serves the student's health care needs from 8am-2:30pm, Monday-Friday.
  • Basic Skills Teachers who tutors students 2 days a week in K-3rd Grade. 
  • Full time Tutor serving K-8 students Monday - Friday. 
  • Before and After Care to assist working families.  Morning Care opens at 6:30am and After Care resumes at dismissal until 6pm. 
  • CYO Program that offers sports for grades 3-8.
  • Caring and supporting Parent-Teacher Community that collaborates to put on fun activities for students and their families throughout the school year.  Examples of this are, Trunk or Treat, Breakfast with Santa, Mother-Daughter Dance, Father-Son Outing, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and much more. 
  • Opportunities to apply for free/reduced lunch in addition to purchase a hot lunch every day. 

Pick 40 Winners

40 Days of Winners Jan 3-Feb 11
1/3/17: The Hamilton Family
1/4/17: Darrick Tibyash
1/5/17:  Joe Rose
1/6/17:  Donnie Schumitsl
1/7/17:  Camille Klowoski
1/8/17:  Phillip Sabatine
1/9/17:  Brian Valco
1/10/17:  Todd Ginter
1/11/17:  Jennifer Hagreaves
1/12/17:  Tony Snead
1/13/17:  Laureen Geniusz
1/14/17:  Dan Spirka
1/15/17:  Patrick Camp
1/16/17:  Taylor Peattgon
1/17/17:  Pedro Aranguren
1/18/17:  Kerry Mcallester
1/19/17:  Jill Blaho
1/20/17: J. Dario Dunlap
1/21/17:  Nikki Puszak
1/22/17:  Arcelie Ortega
1/23/17:  Jospeh Reid
1/24/17:  Terrence Cecil
1/25/17:  Matt Cawley
1/26/17:  Amanda Sanders
1/27/17:  Dyann Puszak
1/28/17:  Henry Vanderlin
1/29/17:  Carol Clemens
1/30/17:  Ryan Orahoske
1/31/17:  Phillip Sabatine
2/1/17:  Sharon Piepen
2/2/17:  Chris Lizzini
2/3/17:  Heather Osborne
2/4/17:  Mark Szezepaniak
2/5/17:  Shukera Seay
2/6/17  Alexander Neesham
2/7/17:  Todd Ginter
2/8/17:  Nikki Puszak
2/9/17: Lorenzo Grooms