School information

St. Leo the Great offers excellence in education for Preschool - 8th Grade. Some distinguishing characteristics of a St. Leo the Great education are:

  • Caring and dedicated teachers and staff who strive to help students be successful.
  • Full time Health Aide who serves the student's health care needs from 8am-2:30pm, Monday-Friday.
  • Basic Skills Teachers who tutors students 2 days a week in K-3rd Grade. 
  • Full time Tutor serving K-8 students Monday - Friday. 
  • Before and After Care to assist working families.  Morning Care opens at 6:30am and After Care resumes at dismissal until 6pm. 
  • CYO Program that offers sports for grades 3-8.
  • Caring and supporting Parent-Teacher Community that collaborates to put on fun activities for students and their families throughout the school year.  Examples of this are, Trunk or Treat, Breakfast with Santa, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and much more. 
  • Opportunities to apply for free/reduced lunch in addition to purchase a hot lunch every day. 


Monthly Breakfast and lunch Menus

Pick 40 Winners

40 Days of Winners Jan 3-Feb 11
1/3/17: The Hamilton Family
1/4/17: Darrick Tibyash
1/5/17:  Joe Rose
1/6/17:  Donnie Schumitsl
1/7/17:  Camille Klowoski
1/8/17:  Phillip Sabatine
1/9/17:  Brian Valco
1/10/17:  Todd Ginter
1/11/17:  Jennifer Hagreaves
1/12/17:  Tony Snead
1/13/17:  Laureen Geniusz
1/14/17:  Dan Spirka
1/15/17:  Patrick Camp
1/16/17:  Taylor Peattgon
1/17/17:  Pedro Aranguren
1/18/17:  Kerry Mcallester
1/19/17:  Jill Blaho
1/20/17: J. Dario Dunlap
1/21/17:  Nikki Puszak
1/22/17:  Arcelie Ortega
1/23/17:  Jospeh Reid
1/24/17:  Terrence Cecil
1/25/17:  Matt Cawley
1/26/17:  Amanda Sanders
1/27/17:  Dyann Puszak
1/28/17:  Henry Vanderlin
1/29/17:  Carol Clemens
1/30/17:  Ryan Orahoske
1/31/17:  Phillip Sabatine
2/1/17:  Sharon Piepen
2/2/17:  Chris Lizzini
2/3/17:  Heather Osborne
2/4/17:  Mark Szezepaniak
2/5/17:  Shukera Seay
2/6/17  Alexander Neesham
2/7/17:  Todd Ginter
2/8/17:  Nikki Puszak
2/9/17: Lorenzo Grooms