The Preschool is located on the second floor of the St. Leo Parish Community Center.

  • St. Leo the Great’s Pre-School’s goal is to provide our students a love of school and learning.
  • To provide a real head start!
  • This exciting program integrates everything your little one needs to succeed when entering Kindergarten.
  • Your student will learn to count!  That equals learning MATH.  He/she will learn about the stars in the sky!  That’s all about SCIENCE.  Running and Jumping…we all know how important PHYSICAL EDUCATION is.
  • This is all accomplished under the guidance of the St. Leo the Great Parish School Mission Statement… Excellence in Catholic Education by promoting the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ!

Some of our Pre-school highlights include:

  • Motivation — Motivating the children through directed instruction, hands-on experiences, ownership of materials, and interactive online activities.
  • Awareness — Ensure readiness for instruction with short, daily exercises.
  • Phonics — Introduce letters and sounds.
  • Vocabulary — Learning words through story time.
  • Math — Building a foundation for mathematical thinking through activities and games. 
  • St. Leo the Great Parish School Pre-K provides lessons and tools to help create a learning environment where young minds thrive. 
  • Please join us and check us out!  
  • If you would like to have a “shadow” day at our school, please call 216.661.5330.
  • If you are interested in more information or for a tour of the Preschool, please contact us at:

St. Leo Preschool

4940 Broadview Rd.

Cleveland, OH 44109


Preschool Director:

Lisa B. Broschk



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